Saturday, October 1, 2016


It has been nearly a year since I last wrote a post. During that interval of time, I have had much to say about a great many topics but few of them about photography. For this reason alone I have not published them. At the time I wanted to write them, I felt that they really had no place inside this journal. However, upon further reflection, I have decided to share a few of them in the coming months for the simple reason that some of them are indirectly related to what I do and who I am, and so might be of some interest to a few of you. This post is not one of them.

It seems that as I get older and slower, I no longer feel pressured to "get the shot". I am more content to just sit quietly, drink a little bit of coffee, watch the play of light on the landscape as the sun comes up all the while enjoying the early morning sounds and smells of Nature. If I happen to see something that catches my eye, like a warm light on rocks, the shape of a patch of lichens, or even the arrangement of the blades of a bunch of wild grasses, I might make a few images. If I don't make an image, that's okay too. I'm enjoying the experience.

For me, it is in part that feeling of contentment you get when you feel all is right in your world. The pressures of culture, civilization and the demands of our daily lives fall away like autumn leaves, blown away on the wind. There will be time for pressure later; but not right now. 'Walk in beauty' as the Navajo say.

Take the time to slow your pace, be more aware of your surroundings, regardless of where you might be at the moment. Take time to explore the details rather than just superficially observing the 'big picture'. Immerse yourself in it. Any images you bring home will be more meaningful, more carefully thought out, more creatively imagined, and much more artistic.

It's the experience that matters ...